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Work by shebo Work :iconshebo:shebo 1 1
Morning Prayers:
O God,
Hug the unhugged
Shoe the shoeless
Feed the foodless
Dress the dressless
Thread the threadless
Kiss the children
Listen to more music
Help the helpfull
Lang the unlanguaged
Smile for the frownish
Tolerate the sandwich
Fix the fixed rate
Lore the unlanguaged
Entice the untangled
Handle the man handled
Womanize the girls faster
Hold the mayo
Add more lettuce
Many tomatoes
Less computers and more commuters
Yell for the rebel
Wake the awake
Film us another 2012
Have more babies
Remember the milk
Stereo all the monos
Cute all the stupidless
Put on music
And light us a spliff
Tell us more stories
No campfires more rain-forests
Make no strangers in Moscow
Less night More daylight
Let me walk naked one day
Tell the people behind me to stop turning their headlights in my eyes
Read me some news flavored grooves
Make me speak Japanese
And let them speak Arabic
Mad the Madless
Underdress all the lingeriyeih
Happy the chaps
And let the girls just chill
Labor US
Stop saving us
Don't send
:iconshebo:shebo 0 0
Hold onto the optionals.
She hides her fishes within patterns of opaque wishes
had talked about the high rise of the sea and his tidals
around noon time last tune
always tried to cover her tattoos with bleach
i who am i to her gentle broken stream of tears
she said "why does time move so quickly?!"
to her question reason smiles smirkly
by the time she is faced with her curls
and the words her lips swirl
it would be too late for the crumbling worlds
to glue their bottoms back for safety
at that exact moment the worlds would have escaped me
though they always find a way to speak before me
while she waits by the gladly brings of the breeze
the gate watchers call her a tease
but for i like the idea that she do what she please
with all her textures and exclamations
she offered me a simple retaliations
marked between courteous quotations
in the whole context she knows how to bring the moon on his knees
and summons the northern parabolas for capturing a breathing idea
to sustain her means
with all that and a strong l
:iconshebo:shebo 1 16
Home-Sick by shebo Home-Sick :iconshebo:shebo 4 8
The Moon came to me with a bag of certain inquisition
She looked heavy with burdens
"how are you doing?" she asked
"are you positive you're not hurting?!"
i couldn't find the right answer to distract her questioning.
The sun he's old, he sits on that rocking chair of time
He speaks in flames and radial quotations
he always says "Shine is just the job, You should get to see me sometime in another part of the world"
wasn't always concerned with my exposure to his rays
He looked as if he can do better with me in my own composure.
"Burns" he exclaimed when i referred to misfortunes
"Not necessarily burned but somehow broken" it took me time to reply though
He laughed immensely that it echoed like days
"You have to speak to the sky" was what he said when the laughter was through
I had to go to talk to the sky about my constant seeking about a cure.
Once the sky laid eyes on me, it pointed and said "Hey Boy"
"I know you" that had a weight of conviction in its suddenness
"Don't talk as if you
:iconshebo:shebo 2 0
Spelled out
Im sad that you're glad
i was hoping you'd see beyond your own this or that
21 hours ago you were tip tapping on the letters S G and H
it never occurred to you how H and K had so much resemblance
K always made you wonder while H held the key to your cute fables
I with his small hat shaped dot greets you when he passes you by
the U's are flipped N's you arrange them together in this form of NU
little when u give them away stop and say thank U
sometimes U long for their appreciation sometimes more U love the tribulation
your face always looks down at me on more than one occasion i believed u came from an upworldy existance
when i stay up till the first morning light and i stare from the window onto the day to come
the baby morn mostly carries the light shade of your iris
i know i said that i was sad of your gladness
it might be a new case of hating you enough to love you
i won't recall love here as much as rescue
from the evil prince and his 2 cousined witches
and your mommi
:iconshebo:shebo 0 14
Definition, Synonymous.
It started after a 10 days no sleep progression
i prayed on my rug while making crosses from my forehead onto my chest
and i said my prayers out loud like speaking into a megaphone
strangely enough i think u picked up
simply because i thought i got it good from playing with electricity
my cell phone started playing with cells with me
and i started rhyming in electric frenzy
my hands were galloped with a magnetic field
i think of it now a wise mouth would say something about the lack of food
light-headed, shooting punchlines like sparks
some i thought knew what i was talking about
some gave me that Grey look
i don't remember falling asleep then
days just turned like pages
they carried a dawny light, sometimes neon spiked and talkative
i felt like i was everybody, and no one
i also remember making a one cigarette hole in my superman t-shirt
the reason for that now betrays me
but i believe it had something to do with fears and facing them
and yes, going against the tide of logic and sanit
:iconshebo:shebo 0 0
First i have to comment on your dress,
It had something to do with Gray,
My favourite color, maybe because it speaks
Of mid-zones and shy openings.
I didn't hang around more first, i didn't know it was you;
I would have started my 10,000 questions
That couldn't help but being inevitable
All that would come out of me were simple "Thank you"s
Making sense is not especially my best quality
But, since i got to know the Don and his windmills,
I cant help to give these donkey-ridden facial expressions.
The aim is as simple as complexities.
The way you spoke of the female goddess
Reminding us, or just me in this case,
That she doesn't like it when we call her "baby",
And all we share in common with her is a series of flaws.
I really like your Tiger and his peculiar symmetry,
And the way when i think of something you'd amazingly
Bring it up like a new born massacre.
I don't mean it as ugly as another man who lies.
I enjoy your company and all your rides.
I picture them flowing with hot drinks,
:iconshebo:shebo 0 2
Mental Floss
my friend and i had a walk today
we dropped by to pay visits to pure
pure said she smelled like rain
and she haven't dusted in years and she better make it soon
my friend looked puzzled and said "this reminds me of my trip to Africa"
all that came to my mind was my old friend the phantom
i missed talking to him
my friend and i used to share a passion for stupidity
he used to dance mad stomping his feet in sand
i used to laugh and clap my hands seeing him do that
i said "u have to tell me more of that, now lets go"
we left pure with her glooms
headed to see our post-it poetess who dresses in perfumes
she never knew what a muse is and would drift away in space
come back asking us without looking at any of the two of us
"why don't angels wear shoes?" she'd say
and when we got to read her poems
it always had to do with angst and gentiles
she made us laugh, she never offered us water or tea
we came upon our old friend B who you'd find in the strangest places
he'd have this look like he's be
:iconshebo:shebo 0 22
A-maze by shebo A-maze :iconshebo:shebo 7 39
A Nationality
she said she won't forget me
it's simply out of the question
she said I touched deep where she can't afford to forget
now I'm away gone on a route for a destination
the memories I got seem half washed from so much I fret
I can't remember her voice as much I can't forget her sighs
I feel so selfish that I cant get her out of my head
I miss walking her earth and soaring loud and high in her bluest skies
the heat of her fire and how her air welcomed me
a unity of elements a treason to formally known realities
a reminder of how really I miss her.
:iconshebo:shebo 3 14
Forget time forget meaning
Definitions borders & nations
No one exist & nothing stands
Just cool laughter & dawning bliss
Dry up your cheeks for a beautiful kiss
On the face of the earth
This is time for the one
who wakes up when we go to sleep
now we are free in this dream with our eyes open
now we are only breathing
now is the time & the time is now
what we feel is feeling
the wind she speaks about silence
fell the earth moving
the eyes are now for hearing
ears are now for seeing
and if this is a dream we are not sleeping
no today
no tomorrow
no happiness
no sorrow
no locks
no keys
no satellite
no TV
just we
being us
being we.
:iconshebo:shebo 2 33
Out of the mirth
I became death
shatterer of the worlds
I'm the evil underneath
I'm all the hidden that breathe
the crawler crawling to your depth
I'm the ruler of this earth
I'm seeking out for my prey
coz that's where I'm going to stay
I'm the dawn to a different eclipse
I'm the air that travels between your lips
its me the new birth!
:iconshebo:shebo 1 36
The Princess of Zeus
we came across Greek gods and nicely told myth
we traded names and talked about things we missed
you asked why the moon has a dark side
i said because he is allowed to subside
you had the right words at the right times
and I posted my madness followed in rhymes
you read them silently and when you spoke
you said I might have a few spelling mistakes
it surprised me how can I wrongfully type my aches
when I really need you
you show up on my front line
I deliberately said the truth not knowing what my words really awakes
day is night within my head or at least for sometime
we spoke of magic, vampires and heaven sakes
the music surged our talk most of the time
you didn't laugh at my jokes
and thought my sense of humor had the taste of lime
as you uttered words
describing our selfless crime
you called fear over sensitive
and arrogance a swine
I laughed at your descriptions
and said she's out of her mind
her anguish to me inspires
maybe that's why when she provokes a cause I'm on her side
:iconshebo:shebo 3 26
My girlie woman
She don’t idolize ideas
She phantasize on the strange metaphors I realize
She brings me peaches instead of an expensive wrist watch
She reaches down for me when I’m downsized
She in case of sudden darkness carries a humorous torch
She doesn't cover her mouth when She gets into a laughing frenzy
She doesn't settle for nothing and accepts much
She got anger deep nestled in her guts
She got a soft feathered replies to questions that are crazy
She knows about man and his cave
but offers a silent helping hand when it gets messy
She sees things with a convex lens
and listens like she can't get enough
She read the books I want to add to my readings
She dances to music that can't be heard
She's active but semi lazy
She eyes me and sees a word
She's telepathic but not enough to read thought
She admires privacy
She has a pirate's heart but despises piracy
She's not concerned with the size of her breasts
She has the walk as soft as a cat's
yet all the movement is produced from her hips
:iconshebo:shebo 2 84
Vanishing point
I am asleep now yet im in this ancient place
I dont know where i am
its dark and its scentless
are my eyes open?
can i see?
I push my right hand into the dark
I swear i can feel something
how can dark get darker
Is that how dark should feel like
its vibrating
im looking ,looking for sight
now something is radiating
im not afraid
i dont feel like screaming
now where am i?
i look on my right side
and i see a room
its getting somehow familiar
is this daylight
or coloring failure
i touch my face
its there ,its covered with dust
no not dust ,sand but rather soft
i reach down to my chest
im covered with cloth
it feels like cotton
but dry
i suddenly realised that im not breathing
and according to my heart he ceased beating
im calm but on the brink of panicking
i brush the thought aside
is that silence im hearing
it sounds delicious
am i in love?
so why is it so dark?
this state is getting slightly vicious
to my simple divinty
i believe i can move
but there's no sign of activity
i try to twigg
:iconshebo:shebo 3 46

Random Favourites

off time by astronautboys off time :iconastronautboys:astronautboys 81 54
Drugs and Drugs and Drugs
“The scene opens with our heroine taking a shit in an asylum bathroom,” Erin repeats out loud, scribbling broken cursive on the inside of the stall door. An attendant shifts from foot to foot by the hand dryers, waiting, patiently or not, for an excuse to stop staring at the puddle of rust-colored filth growing under the row of sinks.
“What’s taking so long?”
“It’s a lot harder being a coke mule than you’d think, after seeing it done in the movies. They make it look so glamorous, all glitter and sunglasses… feather boas.”
The attendant adjusts the rolled sleeves on her shirt absentmindedly. “That’s stupid.”
“Well.” Her hand hesitates over the toilet paper for a moment before pushing it downward, rolling with a muted click, click, click. “The truth usually is.”
:iconinshiningarmor:InShiningArmor 9 35
On Love, In Distance
Dear Eve,
I wish I could blame this on alcohol. I wish I could blame this on drugs. I wish I could blame this on the media and violent videogames and ignorant music like what your little brother listens to.
And I don’t know how seriously you take my words,
But the truth is I can only blame you and me (“us” I guess it could be called) for what we say and do and dance to and steal. Thick as thieves. In the thick of it. Thick skulled.
I think there would be no question about feelings if I spent even a minute more at your side on the couch, maybe just watching the news, the dog on his bed snoring tragic, paper-thin dreams of car chases and digging up the dead cat you buried last July and rabbits who are just a little too fast.
I roll the idea of you around in my head, tumbling bells in a shiny tin can; you sing metallic between my ears for days on days and never once chime out of key.
I guess what I’m saying is maybe I miss you, maybe I love you. I don’t know…
:iconinshiningarmor:InShiningArmor 153 62
Words by AyameFataru
Mature content
Words :iconayamefataru:AyameFataru 3,319 336
Mist - Nature's Bokeh
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Manip Tips and Tricks #1: Aegis-Strife
Name: Mario Sanchez aka Aegis-Illustration
Tools of the Trade: Adobe Photoshop CS2, Corel Painter IX, Apophysis 2.02, Terragen, Photomatrix Pro, Genius Tablet 8x6
Likes to use: Classic nude poses (specially from lockstock and justmeina ), still life objects, mixed media (photomanipulation + painting + 3D + vector)
Examples of his work:

Aegis-Illustration’s tips and tricks:
1.- Textures:
Many people have asked me how I use textures. It’s pretty simple. Instead of taking some texture images and merging them, what I do is putting one as a background. Then, I start taking the rest of textures I want to use, and low their opacity around 40-50% and sometimes using Soft Light. Then I start cloning them with dispersion options to make them look smooth. I erase zones I think that are rough and then I merge all texture layers and desatura
:iconkuschelirmel:kuschelirmel 234 77
wnd by atomfeuer wnd :iconatomfeuer:atomfeuer 4 12 Sabella by oilsoaked Sabella :iconoilsoaked:oilsoaked 44 44 Tigerrr by karincharlotte Tigerrr :iconkarincharlotte:karincharlotte 179 77 shadow has no colour by davespertine shadow has no colour :icondavespertine:davespertine 41 26
i'm not too fond
i'm not fond of you.
we chat, i make you think.
shows me you listen.
i don't need you.
you're all i have.
:iconiampoetry:iamPoetry 3 10


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