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The Moon came to me with a bag of certain inquisition
She looked heavy with burdens
"how are you doing?" she asked
"are you positive you're not hurting?!"
i couldn't find the right answer to distract her questioning.

The sun he's old, he sits on that rocking chair of time
He speaks in flames and radial quotations
he always says "Shine is just the job, You should get to see me sometime in another part of the world"
wasn't always concerned with my exposure to his rays
He looked as if he can do better with me in my own composure.

"Burns" he exclaimed when i referred to misfortunes
"Not necessarily burned but somehow broken" it took me time to reply though
He laughed immensely that it echoed like days
"You have to speak to the sky" was what he said when the laughter was through
I had to go to talk to the sky about my constant seeking about a cure.

Once the sky laid eyes on me, it pointed and said "Hey Boy"
"I know you" that had a weight of conviction in its suddenness
"Don't talk as if you know me"  i couldn't afford not being coy
"What brings you here to me?!!" it kept stressing on my presence you see
"And tell me why do you carry that strong scent of discontent?!"

I had to talk about you i couldn't help not to
"The Sun gave her burns and the moon is jealous of her luminous sighs
She begs for lies and craves the truth, She knows how failure breeds success and failure is no success at all
She's cold with fear, she turned for the Sun to heat her hard headed leather boots
Her blues are hues to the Moon's solid states
I know that i to time is considered a thief
Though i try and try to steal her some relief
Her smiles reflect some of Eden's gates"

To all my talking the Sky just heard
It said "Are you still waiting!!" as if i had to be somewhere
By now i was certain no one had any answers for my cosmic issues i seem to investigate
I knew from now on i should be saying me & you
Inviting the so called chaos
That we both can only insinuate
If that is only an affair
And all of this is quite the whole case
I hope you'd only get to the
Sign that imagining makes me suffer
While the worst makes me laugh.
Its been a quite while....thank u for moving my typing needs.
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February 11, 2008
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